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Like everything in life, the computer has some disadvantages. Some of the disadvantages of computer usage are as follows:

  • Diminished Creativity:

    Perhaps the greatest disadvantage of computer usage is diminished creativity. With the advent of the computer and the remarkable advancement in information technology, there is now easy access to a wide variety of data and information, as well as various multimedia tools and software in different professions like music, education and other fields.

    As a result of this, there is widespread lethargy and diminished creativity and innovation in various fields across the globe. Thus, the use of the computer to solve complex mathematical and statistical problems, in the field of medicine and research, as well as in television and musical production - easily made possible with a few clicks of the computer buttons - has given rise to the laziness of the mind in creative activities.

  • Copyright Infringement and Privacy Violation:

    Another disadvantage of computer worth considering is copyright infringement and privacy violation by unscrupulous individuals and organisations. As a result of the diminished creativity globally, many persons resort to the wholesale copying of other people's work, thus infringing on their copyright and intellectual property rights. Additionally, fraudsters also use the computer to engage in the use of people's personal and confidential information for unwholesome activities, thereby constituting a violation of their privacy.

  • Large Scale Fraud and Cyber Crime:

    Other disadvantages of computer include large scale fraud and cyber crime due to globalization which has been made possible by the great advancement in information technology. Consequently, criminals can now sit at the comfort of their offices or homes in one part of the world and use the computer to electronically embezzle funds on a huge scale previously unimaginable a few years back.

    Additionally, hackers can send spam messages to millions of people simultaneously, alter credit histories as well as use phishing software to engage in identity theft to defraud people on a large scale. However, in order to guarantee the security of computer information at all times, spam filtering software, phishing filters, antimalware and antivirus, as well as anti-hacking protections should be installed and updated regularly.

  • Computer Addiction and Anti-social Behaviours:

    Another disadvantage of computer is a tendency to be addictive. Additionally, spending too much time playing online games or chatting over the computer instead of reading books, taking walks, and doing homework can lead to mental ineptitude and inertia. Prolonged use of the computer can also lead to anti-social behaviours and the lack of socialization with other people. In some extreme circumstances, it can lead to depression and negative thoughts.

  • Export of Negative Ideas and Unhealthy Culture:

    The use of the computer in the telecommunication industry has made information sharing across the globe easier and faster. Thus, news and happenings in various lands across the globe travel at almost the speed of light nowadays as a result of computer usage.

    Additionally, computer usage encourages the cross pollination of ideas arising from advancement in information technology, thereby making the world as we know it today a global village. However, this immense benefits of computer usage has its attendant problems, drawbacks and negative side.

    Foremost of this negative aspect is that computer and information technology enhances the activities of terrorists and other such divisive forces on a scale never before experienced in the history of the world as a whole. Similarly, negative values and ideas are transmitted across vast territories faster than ever before. Religious heresies and political propaganda by false preachers and psychopaths are also made possible at an alarming scale.

  • Occupational Hazard:

    Every profession has its occupational hazard. The occupational hazard of the computer resulting from its usage for prolonged periods of time are repetitive strain disorders, lower back ache, spinal cord injuries and eye strain, often necessitating the use of glasses. Computer users can protect themselves from these health risks through proper workplace design, good posture while at the computer, and appropriately spaced work breaks.

  • Negative Impact on the Environment:

    One of the many disadvantages of computer usage also include negative impact on the environment arising from improper disposal of computer scraps and junks. Additionally, used computer accessories, consumables and wastes that are not properly disposed off can also lead to the depleting of natural resources and pollution of the environment.

  • External Interference Needed:

    There is no denying the fact that the computer is immensely useful for many activities. However, as useful as the computer is, it cannot operate on its own without external intervention by a computer user through the inputting of the necessary commands required to perform a given task.

  • Accuracy:

    Many people have the erroneous impression that every result that is generated by the computer is accurate merely because of its speed. However, the computer is as accurate as the user. Indeed, despite the fact that the computer is designed with the capacity to detect and report any errors or problems in the installed components and programs within the computer, it will not detect and report any errors that are present in the input data presented to it by the user. A common term that is used to describe this scenario is GIGO, meaning Garbage In Garbage Out.

  • "Computer Usage Leads to Unemployment":

    It is a common belief in certain quarters that computer usage in firms, manufacturing industries, government establishment and private businesses lead to job loss and unemployment. The argument is that, since a single computer working alone can do the work of thousands of persons at a time, thereby giving employers of labour no option but to lay off some of their staff as a result of the obvious benefit of decreased operational costs arising from the use of the computer. But, come to think of it, is this really a computer disadvantage?

    While it is true that the skills of hundreds of thousands of employees are replaced by very few computers, it is not altogether true that computers lead to job loss or unemployment. What I often tell people who share this view is that if you have to travel from New York to New Jersey (a distance of 80.42 kilometres) in America - according to distancefromto.net - would you prefer to walk or take a flight for the journey?

    So, the blame of unemployment and job loss should not be ascribed to the computer but to other factors, such as government policy and other factors.

It is obvious from the foregoing that the computer has a lot of disadvantages.

However, the many disadvantages of computer usage notwithstanding, there is no denying the fact that the computer is immensely useful in many respects and offers a lot of advantages. After all, everything in life has both advantages and disadvantages, its positives as well as its negative side. On the other hand, the advantages of computer usage far outweighs its disadvantages.

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